Simon Burrows Nottingham Trent University MA Photography PT 2017-2019 Reflective Journal. Hello and welcome to my reflective journal, a combination of text, image, research,  hand written notes and reflection. The hand written notes and reflections have been scanned and embedded and can be viewed within the post or by downloading… Continue Reading Welcome

  The timeline is an interactive visual representation of my MA project, the plus and minus buttons will expand and contract the view and each heading can be “clicked” to navigate to the relevent subject Timeline maker

Evidence past to present Grain Project 5th Oct 2018 Email from Rhiannon Jones: The deadline for the East Meets West Masterclasses is fast approaching, get your applications in for the 7th October. East Meets West is a collaborative project devised by FORMAT International Photography Festival, QUAD – Derby and Grain Photography Hub that will provide twenty… Continue Reading Emerging Artist

Deconstruction is a form of criticism first used by French philosopher Jacques Derrida in the 1970s which asserts that there is not one single intrinsic meaning to be found in a work, but rather many, and often these can be conflicting (Tate n.d.) A deconstructive approach to criticism involves discovering, recognising… Continue Reading Deconstruction

East Meets West is a collaborative project devised by FORMAT International Photography Festival, QUAD – Derby and Grain Photography Hub that will provide twenty emerging artists and photographers with a distinct professional development opportunity as well as the chance to show their work at FORMAT19. The Masterclasses will offer an opportunity for emerging photographers to develop their practice… Continue Reading Format International Photography Festival

I am beginning to think more deeply about photography theory and it is by reading Benjamin that my critical thinking is really starting to develop. My thinking around what gives an original artwork its authority Benjamin, W., 2008. The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. London: Penguin.… Continue Reading The Trace

Something good is coming, something special, something to make a difference to my practice. Something difficult yet having depth, real depth. Something I can hold on to tightly yet it slips away and then returns. The first sniff

Ref: 0033 Colour Blind People Can Never See a Ghost., 15 May 1914 Click below to see the original newspaper page, first column Papers Past | Colour Blind People Can Never See a Ghost. (Kaipara and Waitemata Echo, 1914-05-15) (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 16 April 2018).   Clipping from… Continue Reading Dr. August Lummer

Ref :0007 Exhibition Visit, Carol Jones States of America Photography from the Civil Rights Movement to the Reagan Era Stephen Shore ‘Ginger Shore, Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, November 17, 1977’, 1977/2011 © Stephen Shore Art – Exhibitions 16 Sep 2017 – 26 Nov 2017 States of America focuses on a… Continue Reading States of America

Ref:0004 Key Learning Point The experience of visiting this exhibition and all the research that followed lead to two key themes within my learning and knowledge development. 1) Context 2)Photography as Art Djanogly Lecture Theatre Lecture Anna Douglas, co-curator What is the work of Roger Mayne